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Florida State University, 它是银河app下载地址系统12所高等学府中最大、最古老的学府之一, 早在1823年,当领土立法机关开始规划高等教育系统时,它就开始了吗. 1825年,联邦政府保留了两个城镇,以便在该地区维持高等教育机构, and on March 3, 1845, the United States Congress, 通过一项补充法案承认佛罗里达州为联邦一州, added two more townships. 这些城镇被授予国家使用两所神学院, one to be located east and the other west of the Suwannee River. 佛罗里达州立法机关于1月24日通过立法法案, 1851, provided for the establishment of the two institutions of learning, their first purpose to be "the instruction of persons, both male and female, in the art of teaching all the various branches that pertain to a good common school education; and next to give instruction in the mechanic arts, in husbandry, in agricultural chemistry, in the fundamental laws, and in what regards the rights and duties of citizens."

Francis Eppes VII

到1854年,塔拉哈西市为男校建立了一所叫做佛罗里达学院的学校,希望能说服州政府把它收归神学院, 在1854年佛罗里达州议会会议上,塔拉哈西市提交了一份纪念书,要求将苏旺尼河以西的学校设在该市. That effort was not successful, 但在1856年,塔拉哈西的督学(市长)再次将学院的土地和建筑提供给立法机关. Francis Eppes, 他在祖父托马斯·杰斐逊总统位于弗吉尼亚州蒙蒂塞洛的庄园里度过了他的性格形成期,并与他一样认为,拥有受过自由教育的公民对民主的重要性, was the Mayor of Tallahassee who made the offer. 这一次,他们选择了接受这个提议,并指定塔拉哈西作为州神学院之一的所在地,因为那里有铁路连接, its "salubrious climate," and its "intelligent, refined, and moral community.“将神学院设在塔拉哈西的法案在参众两院都获得通过,并于1月1日由州长签署, 1857. On February 7, 1857, 苏旺尼河西岸州立神学院举行了第一次教育委员会会议, 该机构开始向男性学生提供高等教育. 弗朗西斯·埃普斯担任神学院教育委员会主席八年,向学院灌输了杰斐逊的理想,这就是今天的特色. 这所学校在第二年(1858年)吸收塔拉哈西女子学院(Tallahassee Female Academy)后首次实行男女同校, begun in 1843 as the Misses Bates School. Thus the West Florida Seminary, founded in 1851, began operating in 1857, only twelve years after Florida achieved statehood. It was located on the hill where the Westcott Building now stands, 这所大学是佛罗里达州历史最悠久的高等教育学府.

Classes were held at the West Florida Seminary from 1857 until 1863, 当时,州议会将其名称改为佛罗里达军事与大学学院,以反映该学院增加了一个训练学员的军事部门. During the Civil War, cadets from the school, ranging in age from twelve to eighteen, 参加了自然桥战役,并帮助塔拉哈西成为密西西比河以东唯一没有在战争中被占领的邦联首府. 由于西佛罗里达军校学员在这场战斗中的英勇行为, 今天,银河app下载地址陆军后备军官训练团(ROTC)是全国仅有的三个被授权展示带有其旗帜的战斗横幅的军团之一, which bears the words NATURAL BRIDGE 1865. After the end of the war in 1865, however, 麦克库克将军率领的联邦军队突袭塔拉哈西并占领了这座城市(包括校园建筑), remaining for more than a month.

College Hall, circa 1894

战争结束后,该机构进入了一个成长和发展的时期. In 1884 the first diplomas, Licentiates of Instruction, were awarded, and by 1891 the Institute had begun to focus clearly on what we would today call post-secondary education; seven Bachelor of Arts degrees were awarded that year. 到1897年,这所学院已经发展成为该州第一所文理学院, and in 1901 it became Florida State College, a four-year institution organized in four departments: the College, the School for Teachers, the School of Music, and the College Academy. Florida State College was empowered to award the degree of Master of Arts, and the first master's degree was offered in 1902. That year the student body numbered 252 men and women, and degrees were available in classical, literary and scientific studies. In 1903 the first university library was begun. 以下引用自1903年银河app下载地址目录为这一时期添加了一个有趣的脚注:

In 1883 the institution, now long officially known as the West Florida Seminary, 是由教育委员会组织的佛罗里达大学文学学院. Owing to lack of means for the support of this more ambitious project, 也因为不久之后,技术培训学校成立了, this association soon dissolved. It remains to be remarked, however, that the legislative act passed in 1885, bestowing upon the institution the title of the University of Florida, has never been repealed. 由于学院不希望歪曲其资源和目的,所以没有采用这个更为矫饰的名称.

1905年,立法机关重组了佛罗里达的教育系统, 当位于盖恩斯维尔的佛罗里达大学成立时,六所州立高等教育机构合并为两所,并被指定为一所男子学校,而佛罗里达州立学院则成为一所女子学校,称为佛罗里达女子学院. The male student body moved from Tallahassee to Gainesville, taking with it the fraternity system and the College football team, which had been state champions in 1902, 1903, and 1905. 1909年,学院更名为佛罗里达州立女子学院, 这个机构在20世纪30年代发展成为全国第三大女子学院. The College became fully accredited in 1915, 并于1925年成立了一个Phi Kappa Phi国家荣誉协会分会, 第二年,学院被列入美国大学协会批准的标准学院和大学名单,并成为美国大学协会的成员. In 1935 the first chapter of Phi Beta Kappa in the state, Alpha Chapter of Florida, was installed at the College, a mark of its status as a true liberal arts college.

The year 1947 saw many changes. 1946年,随着佛罗里达大学塔拉哈西分校的建立,二战银河app平台网址的需求将男性带回了校园, and on May 15, 1947, 州长签署了一项立法法案,将佛罗里达州立女子学院恢复男女同校的地位,并将其命名为银河app下载地址. A permanent president's residence was acquired. The student body, numbering 4,056, 选择了一个新的母校,并选择塞米诺尔作为他们的体育标志. The Flying High Circus was born, 10月,自1905年以来的第一次主场比赛再次开始. Three years later Campbell Stadium was built. 第一届学生会成立于西校区的“O俱乐部”, 这是一个前陆军空军基地,主要容纳男性学生,在主校区以西三英里处提供了一些教室空间.

The 1950's brought further development and expansion to the University. 感谢那些从银河app下载地址时代就存在的学院和学校, Arts and Sciences, Education, Home Economics, and Music, were added Library Science, Social Welfare (later split into Social Work and Criminology), Business, Journalism (discontinued in 1959), and Nursing. 化学系的一名学生获得了大学的第一个博士学位.D. in 1952. A new building was completed for the Developmental Research School, 这所学校在1905年由早期的中学和学院发展而来,后来成为观察和实践学校, 为教育专业的学生提供现场体验和研究的机会. Tully Gymnasium, Strozier Library, 及商业大厦已落成,以提高学生人数的教育水平.

In the 1960's the University acquired the Shaw Poetry Collection, established the institutes of Molecular Biophysics and Space Biosciences, and constructed nine new buildings, including the Oglesby Union and the Fine Arts Building. During this period, the Panama Canal Branch was opened, and the Program in Medical Sciences was established. The first black student enrolled in 1962, and the first black Ph.D. candidates graduated in 1970. Programs in African American Studies and Women's Studies were established. Continuing the liberal arts tradition begun in the 1890's, 要求所有本科生学习的通识课程得到了扩大和加强.

1887年以前,该机构的首席执行官的头衔是校长, 但1887年,乔治·埃德加任命他为总统. He was followed by Alvin Lewis in 1892, and Dr. A. A. Murphree in 1897. Dr. 墨菲于1896年来到神学院,1905年成为佛罗里达女子学院院长. 1909年,当他离职成为佛罗里达大学(University of Florida)校长时. Edward Conradi became president of Florida State College for Women. In 1941, Dr. Doak S. Campbell became president. When Dr. 坎贝尔于1957年6月30日从银河app下载地址校长的位置上退休. Albert B. Martin served as acting president until September 1, 1957, when Dr. Robert Strozier became president. At Dr. Strozier's death in April of 1960, Dr. Milton W. Carothers became acting president to serve until Dr. Gordon Blackwell took over the duties of president on September 16, 1960.

On February 1, 1965, Dr. John E. Champion became acting president replacing Dr. Gordon Blackwell, who resigned. Dr. Champion was named president on June 22, 1965; he resigned February 17, 1969, and Dr. J. Stanley Marshall was appointed acting president on the same date. On June 6, 1969, the Board of Regents named Dr. Marshall President; he resigned August 31, 1976. Dr. Bernard Francis Sliger became Interim President on Dr. 1977年2月7日,校董会任命马歇尔博士. Sliger President. At the Fall Meeting of the General Faculty on September 18, 1990, the Dean of the Faculties read a statement on Dr. 斯利格宣布辞去总裁职务,1991年8月1日生效. On March 11, 1991, Dr. Dale W. Lick was designated to succeed Dr. Sliger as president on August 1, 1991. After Dr. Lick's resignation on August 31, 1993, Dr. Sliger was again named Interim President. On November 29, 1993, H. 塔尔博特·“桑迪”·达朗伯特于1994年1月3日被任命为总统. He was succeeded by President Thomas K. Wetherell on January 6, 2003. President Wetherell announced his retirement on June 17, 2009. Eric J. Barron took office as Florida State's 14th president in February 2010. 11月10日,弗罗里达州立大学第15任校长约翰·思拉舍接任了他的职位, 2014.

从2001年到2009年是银河app下载地址校园的主要发展时期. A new College of Medicine — the first to be built in the United States in a quarter-century — opened with 30 students in 2001; it moved into a new, 300,000-square-foot facility on the campus’s northwest corner in 2004. 塔拉哈西的地区医学院也很快在整个州增加, Orlando, Pensacola, Sarasota, Daytona Beach and Fort Pierce, as well as a rural clinic-training site in Immokalee.

During this time, 银河app下载地址建造和翻新了大约100万平方英尺的新学术设施, students, support and business functions at the university, with a total cost of approximately $800 million. 其中包括新的化学和生物化学实验室和办公空间, psychology and life sciences; a new building to house the Albert J. and Judith A. Dunlap Student Success Center, where students can receive assistance in clarifying and implementing their educational plans and career goals; and several new and renovated residence halls. Development continued of the Southwest campus, 包括一座用于高性能材料研究所的新大楼, 这是一个跨学科的研究中心,致力于开发制造更坚固的新材料的技术, lighter, multifunctional and affordable, as well as new athletic facilities.

The year 2005 saw the creation of the Office of National Fellowships, 哪所大学立即成功地增加了获得国内和国际知名奖学金和奖学金的本科生人数. As one example, the university produced three U.S. 2006年至2009年的罗兹奖学金获得者,是同期全美州立大学中获奖最多的.

Also in 2005, 为了吸引新的和有才华的教师来到银河app下载地址,实施了一项大型集群招聘计划. “卓越之路”计划旨在竞争性地聘用200名资深和终身教职教师,通过一系列目标提高大学的地位, including a dramatic enhancement in federal grants, contracts, awards, scholarly productivity, graduate programs and faculty recognitions.

The 2001-2010 period was characterized by a renewed sense of heritage, with construction, landscaping, monuments and signage designed to highlight the university’s history. The period also saw strengthened ties to the Seminole Tribe of Florida.

2010年至2015年,银河app下载地址连续两年被评为全美效率最高的大学. 这所大学也成为了美国对银河app平台网址最友好的公立大学之一, and benchmarks were developed, leading Florida State to being named a preeminent university, 使这所大学走上了成为全国前25名公立大学之一的道路.

Recent efforts have focused on elevating the university’s reputation as a preeminent research institution; presiding over a $1 Billion fundraising campaign; advancing the university’s academic and research mission; championing diversity and inclusion; and welcoming the best and brightest students in the university’s history.

In each succeeding decade, 银河app下载地址增加了学术机构,目前由16个独立学院组成. 它已经从最初的几英亩和建筑扩展到1号楼542栋,550 acres, including the downtown Tallahassee main campus of 451.6 acres, 这个农场几十年来一直为佛罗里达州立女子学院提供食物, the Seminole Reservation — a recreational facility, the Marine Laboratory on the Gulf Coast, the Florida A&M University-Florida State University College of Engineering facility, the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, and branch campuses in both Panama City, Fla., and the Republic of Panama. 北京外国语大学在银河app平台网址方面有50多年的经验,是全国公认的留学项目的领导者, with permanent study centers in London, Florence, Valencia, and Panama.

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